Orphan Care Alliance brings Jubilee Academy into its Ministry Family 

Written By: Becky Raver

When OCA Executive Director Darren Washausen and his wife, Stacia began searching for a more effective educational choice for their son, Jubilee Academy came to their attention. Enrolling their son in this school was not only an answer to prayer, but also the beginning of a deeper relationship between Orphan Care Alliance and Jubilee Academy.

Jubilee Academy is unique among Christian schools, in that it admits and accommodates both typical children and those who have been overlooked or endured hardships as a result of differences in the way they learn, think, or socialize. Heather Walton, Jubilee Academy Director, has a passion for educating these children who often fall through the cracks of other schools.

Many Jubilee students have endured years of educational difficulty due to a learning disability, medical diagnosis or life trauma. Seeing this need, Heather sought to bring Christ’s love, understanding, nurturing and guidance into the lives of students entrusted to Jubilee’s care.

It was in this shared mission that OCA and Jubilee found a deep, common ministry goal. Heather reached out to the Washausens and OCA for guidance as the growth of Jubilee continued.

The need for a board, structure and oversight that could scale with the growth needs of Jubilee became apparent. The end result of this relationship has been the donation of Jubilee Academy to Orphan Care Alliance.

OCA & Jubilee Academy are thrilled to be able to offer yet another resource to adoptive families. Jubilee has already been actively meeting needs of the adoption community. 22% of their student body have entered their families through adoption. A holistic education with a Christian worldview is difficult to find for children who need accommodations. Education sometimes becomes another source of hardship and trauma for adoptive families instead of a loving, safe place. OCA and Jubilee are striving to change that.

Currently, Jubilee is the only Christian school in Oldham County. It boasts small class sizes (average 14 students per class) and loving teachers who see Jubilee as more than a job… but a ministry. Jubilee has been blessed with a well-rounded staff of two male teachers in Middle School and High School and nurturing women educating the Elementary students. Along with these assets, Jubilee students and families have found freedom that is consistent with Jubilee’s name. Biblically, the year of of Jubilee was the year everything was made equal and prisoners were set free. Parents and students alike have found freedom from a “cookie-cutter” educational experience. Jubilee seeks to level the educational playing field. Often parents of children who have experienced obstacles in education and development, feel isolated and condemned. Jubilee offers a respite from those experiences.

OCA invites its ministry partners to get to know Jubilee Academy and it’s unique mission. Would you consider a donation to the Jubilee Scholarship Fund? Bringing an adopted child into a family is only the beginning. Parents are also charged with advocating for their children and finding ways to meet their needs. Could you help make Jubliee even more affordable for parents who haven’t found a school that fits the needs of their child?

Jubilee’s mission says it all: Affordable, Individualized, Christian Education. OCA is excited to keep this mission a reality!

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