New Head of School 2017/18 School Year

I am very happy to announce that Kristie Eldridge is the new Head of School at Jubilee Academy. Kristie is no stranger to teaching with over 20 years of experience, which includes 2 years at Jubilee Academy. Since Kristie left Jubilee Academy, she has received her master’s degree in school counseling from Liberty University. She is excited to be rejoining Jubilee Academy and takes this responsibility very seriously. Kristie believes in servant-leadership and will lead in a way that glorifies God and serves all stakeholders.

Her philosophy of education includes a whole-child approach to education which includes academics, spiritual growth, and personal/social growth and maturity which aligns with Jubilee’s holistic approach. She will ensure that the curriculum and teachers at Jubilee address all students at the highest level of expectation and achievement, along with providing a community of Christian love, individualization, mutual respect and family support.

Jubilee Academy is a ministry, and every ministry goes through seasons of change; during this season of the Jubilee ministry the education we provide will be strengthened and molded to fit the needs of the community and the families that we serve. One of the main focal points during this transition is to individualize our curriculum. Going forward, standards are being developed over the summer to streamline the class content and learning targets for all students. Jubilee is proud to announce that we will have our own set of Christian educational standards for all grade groupings. These standards will be written in a way that teachers can move easily up or down within subject content to meet the needs of students.

The second way that we are firming up our foundation is through teacher professional development. Before school begins, and throughout the year, teachers at Jubilee will be trained in background trauma, gifted students in the classroom, how to reach and teach students with learning differences, individualization, and differentiation in the classroom. Teachers will continue to grow through more in-depth professional development and faith-based conversations throughout the calendar year in order to address the needs of our community.

Jubilee is a Christ-centered educational option that allows students to grow in faith, academics, and peer interactions. We are truly looking forward to the next step in God’s plan for Jubilee Academy! Jubilee is off to a new start with a commitment to excellence in education. If you haven’t already, we hope you may consider Jubilee Academy for your children.

Best Regards,

Darren Washausen, President Jubilee School Board

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