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Weekly Homework Assignment

Geometry – Students are working on their first test right now and will be finishing the assessment by tomorrow at the end of class. On Tuesday they should read page 53 &59 in their text along with looking over section 2.1.

Algebra – Students will have homework on Tuesday night and Thursday night.  The work will consist of solving equations. No more than 10 problems will be assigned.

Earth Science- Students are studying the layers to the Earth and will be reviewing for an assessment next week. They should start studying the review sheets that will be sent home every day over different parts of the test. If they study a small topic each night they will have a better chance at doing well next week.


Monday – Homework: Finish Time Machine Theme lesson if necessary

Tuesday – Homework: Study for Time Machine Test

Wednesday – No homework!

Thursday- There will only be homework if students do not finish their work in class.


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Well, the first quarter is over and students are working hard and meeting expectations.  I am very excited to say that all of our high school students are doing fabulously and we are excited to see how far they all grow this year! As always, if you have any questions or need anything from Mr. Mickey or I, we are available!



Standards: (Literature): R-6, R-5

Standards: (U.S. History) U.S. History: Jamestown Review


Reformation Day learning and afternoon Harvest Party


Standards: (Literature): R-2, R-9, R-10, R-22

Standards: (U.S. History):U.S. History: W-39 Mayflower Compact Primary Source Document Lesson

Standards: (Literature): Beginning Edgar Allen Poe Unit
Standards: (U.S. History): Middle Passage Lesson

Algebra – Students are still working on one and two-step equations this week.

Geometry – Students are testing over one of the hardest chapters this week, Chapter 1.  We will be starting to move more quickly through the chapters now that students have a basic understanding of geometry.

Earth Science – Students are continuing to work on the layers of the Earth and the research that surrounds the theories and creating drawings of Earth’s layers.