Affordable, Individualized, Christian Education at Jubilee Academy

Affordable, Individualized, Christian Education at Jubilee Academy

By: Darren Washausen, President, Board of Jubilee Academy

I am often asked why Jubilee Academy became part of Orphan Care Alliance. On the outside, it may not look like a fit at all. I understand the initial thought one may have, that orphan care has nothing to do with education. Well, I would beg to differ.

It is well documented that children who experience trauma often have brain development that is different than a child raised in a safe and nurtured environment.   Experience in adoption and foster care can be just one of the ways children can experience trauma in their early years. It can also come from prenatal stress & harm, difficult birth, medical trauma, trauma, abuse and neglect.

The children from these settings may not be physically or mentally impaired, but do not learn well in the traditional school setting. Alternatives to public school can be expensive, and if you are interested in a Christian led school, the choices may even be smaller to non-existent. This was where my family was when we found Jubilee Academy.

And while Jubilee Academy is good for kids of a trauma background, I would argue that the approach of Jubilee is good for ALL kids. The reasons are rooted in the schools DNA and principles where every child will receive individualized attention and care to determine what is best to advance their learning. It is an environment where kids LOVE coming to school each day. And there is the opportunity to learn from the Bible and bring biblical concepts into the classroom each and every day.

There are children struggling in every school, which can be a stress and a struggle for many parents. Moving children from school to school can be difficult for children as they lose friends and relationships that have to be rebuilt. While some parents are called to a life of home schooling, other parents resort to home schooling as a way of escaping the above challenges. In any case, home schooling may only last for a season or end at high school where a new school must be found. The transition of children from home school to a traditional school setting may see multiple challenges and may not always be successful.

No matter where you are in the journey of education for your children, I would encourage you to learn more about Jubilee Academy. We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more!

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